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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Island Breath -- Exposing the Death Of the Pacific Via Fukushima Collapse of Pacific Salmon run SUBHEAD: The meltdown of three Fukushima nuclear power plants continue to reverberate across the Pacific Ocean. By Admin on 19 March 2017 for ENEnews - ( Image above: Mouth of the Klamath River near Klamath, California. From ( [IB Publisher's note: Certainly global warming, and other factors like tsunami debris, plastic gyres, military operations, over fishing and other factors are contributing to ocean die-off - we believe that the lack of any mitigation of Fukushima radiation entering the Pacific stands in the way of possible recovery of ocean life. The collapse of northern Pacific Ocean salmon population continues. We recommend not eating fish that has spent time in radioactive waters. See Ea O Ka Aina: Hawaii Seafood Guide. That would include all salmon caught off the west coast of the United States.] Report: Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon missing, presumed dead — Government issues emergency order along US West Coast — Japan suffering historic collapse, fish starving to death — All forms of ocean life dying in stunning numbers across Pacific. South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL), Mar 16, 2017 The low salmon run size for the Yuba River appears to be part of another regional salmon collapse. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife point to preliminary data from the Sacramento River that indicates salmon runs have also dropped to record low levels. According to Dan Bacher’s reporting, last year’s salmon run on the Klamath River was a 38-year low… Gary Reedy, SYRCL’s consulting salmon expert reports that “A new crash for the Central Valley Chinook salmon is not unexpected.”… Mendocino Beacon, Mar 16, 2017: Returns of spawning Klamath River fall Chinook are projected to be the lowest on record in 2017… “The salmon runs this year will present a challenge for ocean fishermen and managers throughout the West Coast,” said Executive Director Chuck Tracy… “the low forecast for Klamath River fall Chinook is unprecedented”… “This year will be an exceptionally difficult year for ocean salmon fisheries, especially in Oregon and California”… said Council Chair Herb Pollard. The Oregonian, Mar 15, 2017: The worst run forecast on record for the Klamath River’s chinook salmon could close all salmon fishing along most of the Oregon Coast this summer… Juneau Empire, Mar 6, 2017: Spring king fishing canceled by emergency order… the Juneau area will be closed for king salmon fishing… biologists expect a second-straight year of record-low king salmon returns on the Taku River. “We’ve been in a period of low productivity, not just on the Taku, but on several rivers up and down the coast,” Juneau Area Management Biologist Daniel Teske said… Nobody knows exactly why Southeast king salmon are struggling, but biologists do know where the fish are being affected: in the ocean… The increased die-off must be happening in a marine environment, Teske said, otherwise numbers on the four rivers wouldn’t fall at the same time… Minato-Tsukiji, Mar 3, 2017: The harvest in Hokkaido was the worst in 24 years… Beginning with the Sanriku area, landings all over Honshu were below those of the previous year… The number of returning four-year-olds, which are regarded as the main shoal, was a record low… Russ George, Feb 3, 2017: Hundreds of Millions of Pacific Salmon Missing and Presumed Dead — Across 10,000 miles of North Pacific ocean pasture declarations from Japan and the USA are reporting a cataclysmic collapse of Pacific Salmon. The fish are tragically starving at sea as the plankton pastures have turned into clear blue lifeless deserts… Collapse of North Pacific ocean fish pastures has resulted in near total collapse of Pacific Salmon… It’s not just Pacific salmon that are dying in the North Pacific all forms of ocean life are being reported dead and dying [in] stunning numbers… Undercurrent News, Feb 1 , 2017: Japanese salmon fisheries in historic collapse — Landings in Hokkaido, Japan are the lowest in nearly three decades, reports the blog The volume of salmon caught at main fishing ports, including Hokkaido, plunged 30-40% in 2016 from the previous year. The figure represented the lowest level in 28 years. The collapse has been confidently attributed to the starvation of four-year-old Chum salmon… Hokkaido Shimbun, Jan 31, 2017: Salmon landings in Hokkaido in 2016 are the lowest in three decades — The number of salmon caught in Hokkaido in 2016 plunged 29.4% from the previous year… The figure represented the lowest level in 28 years… Local fishermen have been increasingly concerned over the fact that the trend of meager catch that continued in recent years has not been held in check… Russ George, Jan 31, 2017: News from Japan is terrible for NW Pacific fish… Local fishermen have been increasingly concerned over the fact that the trend of meager catch that continued in recent years has not been held in check and indeed is worsening every year… Given the shortfall of fish and the scrawny condition of the fish that were caught all evidence points to a cataclysmic collapse of ocean pasture primary productivity and fish starving at sea… Across the Pacific ocean salmon pastures have failed… See also: Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima worse than ever 2/5/17 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima cleanup cost to double 12/9/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Tokyo damaged by nuclear pellet rain 9/24/16 Ea O KA Aina: Nuclear Power and Climate Failure 8/24/16 Ea O Ka Aina: High radioactivity in Tokyo 8/22/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Nuclear Blinders 8/18/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima and Chernobyl 5/29/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima radiation damages Japan 4/14/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima's Nuclear Nightmare 3/13/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Fifth Fukushima Anniversary 3/11/16 Green Road Jounral: Balls filled with Uranium, Plutonium 2/19/16 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima impacts are ongoing 11/8/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Petroleum and Nuclear Coverups 10/21/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Radiation Contamination 10/13/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Radioactive floods damage Japan 9/22/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fir trees damaged by Fukushima 8/30/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Japan restarts a nuclear plant 8/11/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima disaster will continue 7/21/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Too many fish in the sea? 6/22/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima prefecture uninhabitable 6/6/15 Ea O Ka Aina: In case you've forgotten Fukushima 5/27/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Radiation damages top predator bird 4/24/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukshima die-offs occurring 4/17/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Impact Update 4/13/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima - the end of atomic power 3/13/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Where is the Fukushima Data? 2/21/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fuku-Undo 2/4/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima MOX fuel crossed Pacific 2/4/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima worst human disaster 1/26/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Japan to kill Pacific Ocean 1/23/15 Ea O Ka Aina: Japan's Environmental Catastrophe 8/25/14 ENE NEws: Nuclear fuel found 15 miles from Tokyo 8/10/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Earthday TPP Fukushima RIMPAC 4/22/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Daiichi hot particles 5/30/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Japanese radiation denial 5/12/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Entomb Fukushima Daiichi now 4/6/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Disaster 3 Years Old 4/3/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Tsunami, Fukushima and Kauai 3/9/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Japanese contamination 2/16/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Bill for Fukushima monitoring 2/9/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Tepco under reporting of radiation 2/9/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Fallout in Alaska 1/25/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima engineer against nukes 1/17/14 Ea O Ka Aina: California to monitor ocean radiation 1/14/14 Ea O Ka Aina: Demystifying Fukushima Reactor #3 1/1/14 Ea O Ka Aina: US & Japan know criticality brewing 12/29/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Forever 12/17/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Brief radiation spike on Kauai 12/27/13 Ea O Ka Aina: USS Ronald Reagan & Fukushima 12/15/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Pacific Impact 12/11/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Berkeley and Fukushima health risks 12/10/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Madness engulfs Japan 12/4/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Edo Japan and Fukushima Recovery 11/30/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Reaction to Fukushima is Fascism 11/30/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Radioisotopes in the Northern Pacific 11/22/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima cleanup in critical phase 11/18/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima fuel removal to start 11/14/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima, What me worry? 11/13/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Remove other Fukushina fuel 10/29/13 Ea O Ka Aina: End to Japanese Nuclear Power? 10/3/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima & Poisoned Fish 10/3/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fuel Danger at Fukushima 9/27/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Reactor #4 Spent Fuel Pool 9/16/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima is Not Going Away 9/9/13 Ea O Ka Aina: X-Men like Ice Wall for Fukushima 9/3/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima House of Horrors 8/21/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Apocalypse 8/21/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Radioactive Dust 8/20/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Cocooning Fukushima Daiichi 8/16/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima radiation coverup 8/12/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Leakage at Fukushima an emergency 8/5/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima burns on and on 7/26/13 Ea O Ka Aina: What the Fukashima? 7/24/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Spiking 7/15/13 Ea O Ka Aina: G20 Agenda Item #1 - Fix Fukushima 7/7/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima and hypothyroid in Hawaii 4/9/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Japan to release radioactive water 2/8/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima as Roshoman 1/14/13 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushia Radiation Report 10/24/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Fallout 9/14/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Unit 4 Danger 7/22/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima denial & extinction ethics 5/14/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima worse than Chernobyl 4/24/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima dangers continue 4/22/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima children condemned 3/8/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima fights chain reaction 2/7/12 Ea O Ka Aina: Tepco faking Fukushima fix 12/24/11 Ea O Ka Aina: The Non Battle for Fukushima 11/10/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Debris nears Midway 10/14/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Radiation Danger 7/10/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Abandoned 9/28/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Deadly Radiation at Fukushima 8/3/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima poisons Japanese food 7/25/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Black Rain in Japan 7/22/11 Ea O Ka Aina: UK PR downplays Fukushima 7/1/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima #2 & #3 meltdown 5/17/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima sustained chain reaction 5/3/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Ocean Radioactivity in Fukushima 4/16/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Japan raises nuclear disaster level 4/12/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima No Go Zone Expanding 4/11/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima to be Decommissioned 4/8/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Poisons Fish 4/6/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Learning from Fukushima 4/4/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Leak goes Unplugged 4/3/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Stick a fork in it - It's done! 4/2/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima reactors reach criticality 3/31/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Non-Containment 3/30/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Meltdown 3/29/11 Ea O Ka Aina: Fukushima Water Blessing & Curse 3/28/11

Statistically Relevant Scientific Proof That Chernobyl and Fukushima Are Highly Damaging to Plants and Animals and Microbial Population

Published on Apr 9, 2017
Dr. Timothy Mousseau, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina. Mousseau discussed his many studies on the health impacts on wildlife and biota around Chernobyl and Fukushima which soundly debunk the notion that animals there are “thriving.”

Friday, April 7, 2017

Many People Refuse to Believe That The New World Order Exists -- But the Proof is Overwhelming

Sorry, sloppy quick post, didn't want to lose these resources.
This site has a list of NWO quotes.
This is JFK's speech in which he talks about Secret Societies.
This site has the transcript of Kennedy's speech.
“I think that his [Obama’s] task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a New World Order can be created.”
—Henry Kissinger, CNBC 2008
“In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
—Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, TIME, July l992
“One of the least understood strategies of the world revolution now moving rapidly toward its goal is the use of mind control as a major means of obtaining the consent of the people who will be subjects of the New World Order.”
–K.M. Heaton, National Educator

If there is no New World Order, why do all these presidents and politicians talk about it?
The angry reaction of our friends and associates is telling; They are angry for a reason; they cant stand an upset in their world vision. The more the comfort zone of their world or religious ideology is upset, the angrier they get. Was the demolition of the world trade center an inside job? The ramifications are too much for them.
Emotion rules peoples reality, not facts and logic. There are always enough facts to argue endlessly. emotion decides the belief. Those people have not been divided from us by subversive organizations, they were ALREADY that way. They were snitches in Nazi Germany, they were angry and turned on their neighbor during the inquisition. Our friends are few indeed and the others we will never convince.

Hawaii has 112,000 people in government housing (I don't include the military in those numbers), and the most staunchly Democratic state in the union.
Indeed, the atmosphere was much more aggressive, upset. People got their undies all bunched up with the Hillary loss/Trump victory.
I have even gone on fake facebook to some liberal sites and tried to "fit in" and try to understand what makes them tick. I will let you know how that turns out…, kind of entertaining.




Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies
By John Robinson, A.M.
1798 John Adams Library collection
Alt link -


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kenny Boy Testing Krill in Fukushima

I found that Kenny Boy has been testing some krill and phytoplankton.

He says

In terms of potential biological impacts, radiation doses in marine organisms are generally dominated by the naturally occurring radionuclides 210Po (an alpha emitter) and 40K, even when organisms are exposed to anthropogenic radioactivity discharged to coastal waters (14). To be comparable just to doses from 210Po, 137Cs levels in fish would need to range from 300 to 12,000 Bqkg−1 dry weight, some 1–3 orders of magnitude higher than what we observed ≥30 km off Japan.

We know Po is dangerous to spies…..

Have you studied Po?    Is he making his comparison based on “energy deposited to a bag of water”

Quite a lot of studies on Marine Po

The concentrations of210Po and210Pb were determined in about 30 species of marine organisms collected mainly from the north-easterm region of Japan to know the levels and distributions of these radionuclides and to estimate their intake levels from marine foods.210Po and210Pb showed a wide range of concentration in species: 0.6–26 and 0.04–0.54 Bq/kg (wet wt) in fishes, 0.5–220 and 0.2–43 Bq/kg (wet wt) in molluscs, echinoderms and chordatas, and 2.8–4.3 and 0.4–1.3 Bq/kg (wet wt) in algae, respectively. Higher accumulation of210Po relative to210Pb was found in all of the samples analyzed. The intake levels of210Po and210Pb by marine foods consumption were roughly estimated to be 0.48–0.69 and 0.022–0.042 Bq/d per person, respectively, on the basis of the statistical data on the consumption of seafood and/or production rates of marine foods.

The most important CF pages are left off of the free review

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fukushima Now Being Recognized as A Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster

stock here:

The truth is "leaked out".    It prevents a dramatic response for the population at large.   A revolt is avoided.   And as the years go by, some sheeple switch to "I knew that all along". 


20:44 1 April 2017
Fukushima nuclear disaster aftermath cost estimated at 70 tril. yen

TOKYO, April 1, Kyodo

The total cost to deal with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster has been estimated at 70 trillion yen ($626 billion), over three times more than the government calculation, a study by a private think tank showed Saturday.

The Japan Center for Economic Research said total costs at the Fukushima nuclear complex operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. could rise to between 50 trillion and 70 trillion yen. It compares with the roughly 22 trillion yen a government panel estimated in December.

"If costs rise, the public burden could greatly increase. The country's nuclear policy needs to be reviewed," the JCER said.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ukraine Explosions -- A Radiation Dirty Bomb "Cooking Off" -- Clear Drone Video

Posting this for now.   Analysis will have to be done by MVB or someone else with skills and time.     I have no time now.   Finishing my last few days of solar work in Hawaii, and it is a bit beyond crazy what remains to be done.  

Sorry the video is toast. The powers that be hate allowing truth to be seen. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

11,000 Wikileaks documents related to Fukushima

hattip TacomaGroove

Important / urgent: MUST READ- NOW!!!
Global intelligence file dumps from wikileaks involving fukushima-

262 files on cesium:

282 files iodine:

2470 files meltdown:

4062 files reactor

344 files uss ronald reagan

4131 files fukushima

1063 files on blackout (mixed batch)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why is Nuclear and Radiation Always Covered Up When Accidents Happen?

stock here: Indeed, they always try to cover up accidents, it is usually 3 or 4 days before they "fess up" and that is usually only after other radiation monitoring sites have busted them dead to right.

Here is an example from old Russia, they successfully covered up a disaster they say is 4 times bigger than Chernobyl.     You will never get truth from the nukists.   They will knowingly poison you while trying to protect their precious technology.


  • Between 1949 and 1989 some 456 nuclear tests were carried out at the site
  • In August 1956 the fallout engulfed the industrial city of Ust-Kamenogorsk 
  • A newly discovered secret report shows 638 people were hospitalised
  • Over 100,000 people were exposed and birth defects are still common today

One way to solve the "technology problem"

A reader submitted this link related to the Chrnobuyl coverup.   But at least at Chernobyl, they eventually faced the task at hand, sending as many as 500,000 "liquidators" to clean up as best they could.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Doctor Mercola Needs To Be Enlightened on Fukushima

stock here: I often get emails from a reader who likes to be referred to as "Lot's Wife".

Google that if interested, but basically its a woman looking out over a wasteland, our increasingly toxic environment.

We need information, methods, resources, ways to combat this toxic environment, first for ourselves, our own bodies and minds, and then secondly for the overall system.

Put your own oxygen mask on first, or you won't be able to help others. 

In this one he rips Doctor Mercola focusing on silly stuff while ignoring the elephant in the room, Fukushima, 10,000 or maybe 20,000 bombs worth of radiation released over 6 years.     Half in the first few days, then the rest slowly leaked/dissolved over time.

You've gone off the rails...microfibers and zip on the 6th-going-on-forever anniversary of Fukushima.


Clearly, you are in denial. WTFU. 

I was raised on Alaska salmon but no longer eat it. Why? 

Learn about bio-magnification and bio-accumulation; share with your readers. They deserve to know the full story of the Pacific Ocean's travails.

Thanks for your time.